Atlantis Pools- Aboveground Pool Winterizing Instruction

Closing Instructions for Above Ground Pools

  • Shock the pool according to the dosing instructions on the product. Add the appropriate dose of your preferred type of algaecide. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS TOGETHER. Always add the chemicals directly to the pool water unless contraindicated by the instructions on the packaging. Once the closing chemicals have been added, allow the pool to circulate for 12-24
  • If using a Gizzmo and Plug for your skimmer & return, no draining is necessary. Re- move the skimmer basket and thread the Gizzmo into the hole in the bottom of the Remove the three pieces of the directional eyeball from the return fitting and thread the Winterizing Plug into the return fitting. (If you are draining the pool, please drain below the skimmer and return.)
  • Once plugged or drained, disconnect the hoses from the filter system. Remove the (2) drain plugs from the Pump, and remove the Cap from the bottom of the filter Remove the Pressure Gauge from the Multi-port Valve and change the selector to the “Winterize” position. IT IS CRITICAL THAT ALL DRAIN PLUGS & CAPS BE REMOVED AND LEFT OUT ALL WINTER.
  • If you are using an air pillow, inflate and place inside the
  • Unfold the winter cover and spread across the pool Hold the cover in position while weaving the cable through the grommets.
  • Thread the cable into the Winch, and tighten it down as much as
  • While a little bit of water on the top of the cover is a good thing because it will help keep the wind from catching the cover and whipping it— you will periodically need to drain water off the Generally, anytime you have more that 6” of water on the surface of the cover, it is good to drain some of it off.
  • Have a safe and happy Winter and we will see you in the Spring!

To download a PDF of these instructions, click here.