The Inspiration

The Inspiration



  • Softness of curvature without the lose of swim space
  • Large built-in fun pad provides the perfect playground for adults and children alike
  • Secondary bench area located at the deep end of the pool
    (note: note available on the 23′ and 26′ models)
  • Convenient entry and exit steps
    (note: deep end step only available on 40′ model)


Length Width Shallow Deep
40′ 15’6″ 4’2″ 6’8″
35′ 15’6″ 4’2″ 6’4″
30′ 15’6″ 4’2″ 6’1″
26′ 13′ 4’1″ 5’7″
23′ 13′ 4’1″ 5’5″



An Imagine Pool is more than a swimming pool – it is a swimming pool of unique and sophisticated design, technology and technique. It is an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. It’s the belief that happiness is best experienced with loved ones at your side, enjoying an Imagine Pool in your home.